Benny and Billy are 16 weeks old, and Chips and Caitlin are 12 weeks old! Here are a few pics of them in a group. As of this date, Billy has gone to a new home. He is now living in Rochester, MN, with a nice young couple who own his half-sister Phoebe.

Here is a shot of all the "furkids", except her highness Maggie who doesn't think much of photos. You can see, from back to front: Melody, Luna, Chips, Billy, Caitlin, and Benny.

Here are Benny and Chips alone.

Another shot of the same pair of hoodlums.

Here are Billy and Caitlin. They adored one another, as you can see.

And finally, mama Luna with son Chips.

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Last modified: 26 September 2007