Pictures of the kittens at three weeks old.

"We're 3 weeks old and we will be, quite mischevious as you will see."

"Aunt" Melody visits the nursery regularly.

Who, me? I'm entirely innocent!

A good wrestling match is followed by.....

a good nap.

Mom blocks Abigail's escape.

Abi grooms her paws.

Amelia has escaped. Abi snoozes.

Hey, where did sis go?

Aren't I cute?

Amelia explores the nursery confidently, until...

Melody appears. Oh my, what a BIG cat!

The peaceful scene is about to be shattered...

Amelia chews Abigail's ear, despite the protests.

The remaining pictures show a wrestling match (becoming very common now) and then a few shots of Amelia. Enjoy!

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Last modified: Feb 14 2005