A Warm Welcome To Bennys Kids!

When Benny and Holly were introduced to one another as kittens themselves, they fell madly in love and have been inseperable ever since. Not all tomcats can be trusted with newborn kittens, but Benny adores his offspring, and Holly prefers that he remain "on guard". If he leaves for too long, she calls for him and if he doesn't return, she goes looking for him. She's left him in charge of the little ones many times, and he takes his fatherly duties to heart.

All Seven Kittens.

The Four Boys.

The Three Girls.

Mom Trying To Feed The Impatient Kids.

Mom And Babies.

Mom And Babies 2.

Mom And Babies 3.

Mom And Babies 4.

Mom And Babies 5.

Mom And Babies 6.

Mom And babies 7.

A Content Mom.

The Somewhat Bewildered Dad.

Benny In A More Content Frame Of Mind.

Dad Relaxing.

A Closeup Of Benny.

Dad Keeps Watch On His Family.

The Happy Family.

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Last modified: 30 June 2008